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Born and raised in Olympia, Washington, I have always been surrounded and in awe of the amazing beauty of this state. It was my mother who gave me the gift of true “sight”, pointing out to me, things others did not see. I gained a different perspective on the world from grand vistas to details of the insect world. She encouraged me to use my imagination, stop, breathe and absorb everything around me, everything. I miss sharing my photographs with her, but her gift lives on through me.


I was a teen in the 1970’s when I first picked up a point and shoot camera. Having to wait for the film to be developed to prints made the excitement of their arrival even greater. When I became a mother, I used my gift to document my children and family life – muddy boys, sun dappled trees, smiles of first achievements and camping trips around Washington; my two boys thought my camera was physically attached to me such as it was, and still is, an extension of my body.


I have received awards for several of my photos which encourages me to continue to learn and grow as an artist. I challenge myself with courses on new techniques and delving into difficult lighting situations.  


“Nadine’s View” is just that- my perspective on our gorgeous, varied, complex earth and all the life that calls it home. It is the extension of my eyes; I see all the world through the lens of a camera.  I specialize in landscape and portrait photography and wish to share what I see with you. Take your time when you look at my work.


I am based in Olympia and Puyallup and spend all my extra time taking shots of the beautiful Northwest.  There is so much to see, so much to capture and so much to share.

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